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Why I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day! February 14, 2010

Posted by osyrn in Me being me!.
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So why don’t I celebrate Valentine’s Day?  For those who know me, you may think it’s because I’m currently single.  While that may seem the logical choice why I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, it is not the reason.  Even when I’m in a relationship I still really do not celebrate Valentines Day, not in the traditional sense (i.e. cards, flowers, candy, etc.).  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against Valentine’s Day, the idea behind it is great.  Take one day out of the year to show the person you love what they mean to you (or anyone special in your life, friends, family, etc.).  The problem I have with Valentine’s Day, well, really two problems, is one, the commercialization of the entire thing, and two, the fact that society states that “you must show your significant other you love them on this particular day of the year or you’re a bad person.”  That you have an obligation to buy stuff to show your love.

In all honestly, those two problems are really one in the same.  Think about it. You have all these commercials/advertisements on television, radio, internet, in grocery stores, drug stores, etc. saying “buy something expensive to show your love!”  Actually, it doesn’t even have to be something expensive.  Anything and everything is peddled, like the shady street vendor in a back alley selling knock-off Rolex’s for $5 one day and fake Coach bags for $10 the next.  Candy, cards, teddy bears, jewelry, flowers, mints, balloons, lingerie, and the list goes on and on and on.  Society says “you must buy one (or more) of these things for your significant other to show your love.”  My question is why?  Why do you have to do that?  The answer is you don’t!

Now, I know ladies, you love getting flowers, candies, etc. (and I love giving those sorts of things), but why do you have to get them on just this one day?  I say you don’t.  Me personally, when I’m in a relationship, I do those sort of little things any day of the year.  I mean seriously, how nice is it for her to come home on a random Wednesday evening, after a tough day at work, and there is a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table, just because.  Every day should be a day when you tell/show that significant person in your life how you feel about them, even if it’s something as simple as an email or a text that says “Hi!”.  Not a day should go by when that person should ever wonder whether you love them or if they are on your mind, even if it’s just taking a few minutes out of a hectic work day to call and chat for five minutes.

So again, I ask, why should you buy all that stuff, just because it’s Valentine’s Day?  And again I say, you don’t have to.  I have several couple friends who feel the same.  They still do things for one another on Valentine’s Day, but it’s simple things like, leaving a love note on the bathroom counter in the morning, or cooking a romantic meal together and eating by candlelight with a nice bottle of wine.  Valentine’s Day can be simple, inexpensive, and just as romantic (if not more so) without all the commercialized crap.

Me, I’m just a hopeless romantic and all the hoopla of Valentine’s Day is lost on me.  You shouldn’t need Valentine’s Day to show appreciation and love for that special someone in your life.  By all means, do it on February 14, but do it the other 364 days of the year too.  Take the spirit of Valentine’s Day and spread it throughout the entire year.  Take a spontaneous romantic weekend trip the beach. Go out for a walk, hand in hand, and buy an ice cream cone.  Have a nice Saturday night in, light some candles, order take-out, and watch a movie.  It doesn’t matter what you do.  Sure, we have deemed today is Valentine’s Day, but Valentine’s can and should be any day of the year, not just February 14.  So put the chocolates, card, and teddy bear back on the shelf.  Walk out of the CVS, go home, hug your significant other, and tell them you love them.  Not because it’s Valentine’s Day, but because you mean it!

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

With much love!